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Finishes for
Designer Antiques Custom Wood Furniture

When considering the look of your new furniture, you have three major choices: the wood you choose, the stain (if any) you apply, and the finish you use.

The information to the right shows the finishes you can apply to your furniture. For a sample of the wood stains we can apply, refer to this page.

We offer four types of finishes for our custom furniture:


Perhaps the warmest and closest look to our antique furniture, we use a natural bees wax that is hand rubbed. A less formal look, but it does have more long term maintenance. Wood will dry out over time and a waxed finish will need to be reapplied. The entire piece should be waxed once a year, while touch up of areas will depend on use. A kitchen table or coffee table, for example, will need more touch up than a bedside chest or an armoire. Stains and marks will appear more often. They come up easily (we recommend using some very fine steel wool and a touch of bees wax). It is just a matter maintaining the  piece. Also, do not use standard furniture polish on any waxed piece as this will actually remove the wax finish. Examples of our waxed furniture.


More durable than the wax, the lacquered finish is our most popular finish. We use a matte lacquer, so it is not a high gloss finish. As with any wood surface, you should not expose it to direct heat (hot plates) or moisture (drink glasses or spills) for an extended period. Most of the time, a dry or damp cloth will suffice in cleaning and marinating the table. Examples of our lacquered furniture.

French Polish:

Our most formal look, the process of French polishing dates back many centuries to Italy and France as it was the preferred way of finishing musical instruments such as violins. The process involves the application of a stain (if any), a coat of natural shellac, sanding the shellac, and repeating the process up to a dozen times to bring our a rich and unique finish. Examples of our French polished furniture.


A less formal but very popular finish for just about any of our pieces. You can choose your own paint colors or we can suggest ones for you. We typically apply a coat of bees wax to the painted finish to give the piece a worn look. Examples of our Painted furniture.

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