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Our On-Site Design Department Creates Furniture and Cabinetry to Your Specifications

Do you have an idea for a piece of furniture? Perhaps a custom dining room table sized exactly to fit your room. How about a hand carved mantelpiece, or an entertainment center that looks like an armoire, and just fits between the windows of your living room?

Whether you have a picture of what you would like, or just an idea, our on site design department can help you.

We will talk with you and take your ideas and measurements to create a detailed sketch of the finished piece, so you can see exactly what you will get. Then choose the type of wood, whether pine, walnut, cherry, or oak, and the finish you would like from the samples we have in the store.

Only when you are satisfied with your design will we send it to our custom furniture craftsmen, who will create your piece by hand. It will soon become a treasured part of your home.

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Plan for Armoire

Finished Custom Armoire

A coffee table is the inspiration for
a custom Dining Table

Finished Custom Dining Table

The original bed

A mother with twins needed an extra bed

The new bed

Designer Antiques created an
exact copy for her.

Plan for Custom Coffee Table

Finished Custom Coffee Table

Plan for Custom Side Table

Finished Custom Side Table

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